Your Story

I have been asking myself who I am writing this blog for, and, more importantly, who might find enough value in it to become a regular reader.

All non-fiction writing is advice to our younger selves, and all advice is autobiography, so first, I am writing this blog as advice to myself – as advice to my younger self who might have benefited from these lessons, but also as advice to my older, not-really-wiser, self, who might benefit from it even more in the years to come.

If you have become a regular reader of my blog, you are most likely in the second half of your life, or preparing for it. I hope that you have had a good first half. I hope that you have created a successful career or business and you have been financially rewarded for it. Even more importantly, I hope that you have had a good life outside work, with interesting experiences, a close-knot circle of friends and family, and good health.

In spite of all that success, you have a nagging feeling that the behaviors and actions that have helped you succeed in the first half of your life won't work in the second half. You sense that you have reached a crossroad and the path that you need to follow is not the straight path you have followed so far, but a more offbeat, less travelled path. You are asking yourself if you need to make changes in your life to prepare for the second half of your life, but you aren't sure what those changes might be.

For some of you, it might mean changing your job, or even your career, in search for new, more meaningful challenges. For some, it might result in a second parallel career, perhaps one that involves creativity or philanthropy. For others, merely getting in touch with another side of yourself, perhaps a wiser, gentler side, might be enough to reboot your current career, and create a meaningful life outside of it.

Think of me as a fellow seeker. I am asking myself the same questions, and answering some of them in public. I am learning how to develop foundational daily practices via journaling, meditating and exercising. I am learning how to recover my creative self, by writing and sketching everyday, and sharing what I am creating. I am learning how to exercise new parts of my brain, by teaching myself how to sketch using charcoal, how to play the piano and how to write and speak intermediate level Mandarin. All my life, I have lived as a minimalist, removing one thing from my life before I add another. In the second half of my life, I am hoping to live as a maximalist, introducing things to my life that enrich it by adding color, texture and layering.

As I read books, take courses, and try to use what I learn in my own life, I'll share my successes and struggles with you, and hope that you'll join me as fellow travelers. We will learn from each other's mistakes, motivate each other to keep going, and lend a helping hand when we need it the most. We will read all the clues life will put in front of us and try to find answers that will guide us towards a more meaningful second half of life.

I would love to learn your stories: do email me at gauravonomics <at> gmail <dot> com or connect with me at @gauravonomics on Twitter or Instagram.