Jeff Walker in Launch: The four steps in Product Launch Formula (PLF)

1. Pre-Prelaunch: This is where you begin. You use it to start building anticipation among your most loyal fans. The pre-prelaunch is also used to judge how receptive the market will be to your offer and to figure out what some of the primary objections people will have. And, surprisingly enough, the pre-prelaunch can even be used to tweak your final offer.

2. Prelaunch: This is the heart and soul of your sequencing, where you gradually romance your market with three pieces of high-value, Prelaunch Content. You use your prelaunch to activate mental triggers such as authority, social proof, community, anticipation, and reciprocity. And you do all that while you answer the objections of your market. Typically, you release your Prelaunch Content over a period of 5 to 12 days. The format for that content can vary widely, from video to audio to written PDF reports to blog posts to teleseminars to software (and I’m sure we’ll invent a few more formats as the years go by).

3. Launch: This is the big day you’ve been building up to, the day you actually send your product or service out into the world and start taking orders (in PLF jargon we call this “Open Cart,” as in “you open the shopping cart”). Your launch is actually a sequence as well, and a very powerful one at that. It starts with the email that basically says, “We’re open, you can finally buy now,” and continues for a finite amount of time, usually anywhere from 24 hours to seven days, when you finally shut it down.

4. Post-Launch: This is the clean-up sequence, where you follow up with both your new clients as well as the prospects who didn’t buy from you. The post-launch isn’t as exciting as the other sequences, but it’s important because that’s where you deliver value and build your brand. And if you do it right, the post-launch starts to set up your next launch.

Jeff Walker in ‘Launch‘ on Product Launch Formula (PLF)

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