5 thoughts on “How to Learn Your Craft and Create Your Work in Public”

  1. Thanks for This wonderful post!

    I think i’m getting back to what I used to do; I find a great deal of commonality here and I started recently to fed up of not doing what I love, what I really like to do. I liked drawing, reading, blogging, playing music. and after quite 4 years, I think iam dragging myself back in!!

    I have opened a blog that was not used for 4 years, and purchased my first Guitar, I started learning about social media and thinking of being useful to community in a way or another. but I think iam back, little distracted but determined.

    your article hit the target and I appreciate it.


  2. Hi Gaurav, I used to read your earlier blog and stumbled upon the refreshed version by chance…all blog subscriptions now go to the ‘Other’ folder of my hotmail account…yes, hotmail, am too sentimental to give it up.
    Your posts have come at good time. I used to write pretty regularly till about 18-20 months ago and the let’s just say life took over. Am passionate about screenwriting and over the last few weeks have been trying to read, watch and garner as much inspiration as possible and yet can’t seem to launch Final Draft and just begin…again…ironically its also the title of a soundtrack I used to listen to on loop 🙂

    Any case more power to you and am hoping I too will find the gumption to write again. Baby steps I guess.

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