How to Develop Creative Habits: Three Powerful Daily Practices

Three Powerful Daily Creative Practices

Welcome to my new blog: Learning Creative Habits With Gauravonomics.

I’m a recovering creative developing a daily writing and sketching practice, using three powerful daily creative practices.

The first practice is to rebuild my creative muscle by meditating, journaling and sketching every morning. The second practice is to replenish my creative spirit by creating space and time for my passions every day. The third practice is to reclaim my creative identity by creating and sharing my work every day.

These three powerful daily practices have had a transformative impact on my life, and if you are also a recovering creative, they can also transform your life.

1. Meditate, Journal and Sketch Every Morning to Rebuild Your Creative Muscle

Every morning, I wake up at 5am and follow the same morning ritual. First, I meditate to focus my mind. Then, I journal to empty my mind. Finally, I sketch to make sense of what’s on my mind.

I practice a combination of Pranayama and Vipassana meditation, first paying attention to my breath, then paying attention to the sensations in my body.

I journal and sketch in my Moleskine smart notebook with the Neo2 smart pen. Writing with pen and paper teaches me to trust my hands, and combine words and figures, and the M+ Notes app backs up my daily journal entries and sketches.

My writing desk has become my favorite place in the house. The rug under it has become the favorite perch for my Persian cat Leela.

Within a short time, this simple morning ritual has had a transformative impact on my life.

I am feeling both more connected with my dreams and more rooted in my reality.

Every morning now leads to resolutions small and large and a replenished will to realize these resolutions.

2. Create Space and Time For All Your Passions Every Day to Replenish Your Creative Spirit

I am learning to embrace all my passions, create space and time for them in my house and my life, and build connections between them.

I am reading graphic novels and teaching myself how to sketch using charcoal and color pencils. I am listening to jazz and western classical concerts and learning how to play the piano. I am learning to use my body as a canvas for creative expression, even if that’s sometimes simply an excuse for buying even more sneakers. I now want to start running long distance again, practice writing and speaking Mandarin regularly, and learn how to grow an indoor garden.

I recently redecorated my house to create space for all these passions. My little one bedroom apartment now fits a treadmill, a piano, a writing desk and an art supplies cabinet. Now, it’s not only a house for #LeelaCat and me, but also a creative studio filled with books, music, plants and art.

I have always read a hundred books every year; now I am reading a book every other day. I’m reading books related to my passions that either inspire me to become better or show me how to improve. I start my day at 5am with writing, and finish my day at 11pm with reading, and fit all these passions in the hours in between.

Within a few short months, I have gone from being a minimalist to being a maximalist and my creative spirit feels more alive than ever before.

3. Create and Share Your Work Every Day to Reclaim Your Creative Identity

I am blogging again, after years, as a public commitment to create and share my work every day.

I have always felt that I am meant to write books, many books, fiction and non-fiction. I have written a non-fiction book before on the future of engagement. Since then, I have tried to write the next book a few times. I have bought domain names for these books. I have even designed the book cover for one book. But, I haven’t finished any of these books. My mind is a graveyard of unborn books.

This time, I am telling myself that it is better to write 52 essays in a year, one essay a week, and see if they add up to a non-fiction book. I am telling myself that it’s better to write 52 stories in a year, one story a week, and see if they add up to a novel.

I am telling myself that the only way to reclaim my creative identity is to create and share something small everyday, even if it’s only a photo, sketch, or story about #LeelaCat. I am telling myself that if my inner artist child wants #LeelaCat as his muse, I should indulge his need for fun and whimsy.

My inner artist child is happy these days. For the first time in years, I am writing regularly. Some days, I write as many as 5000 words, between my morning journal pages, my stories and my essays. After years. I am also sketching regularly, and I feel that the writing and the sketching, just like the essays and the stories, are helping each other.

Creative Recovery is a Lifelong Journey

There’s good news and bad news about creative recovery.

The bad news is that creative recovery is not linear. I have good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks, good months and bad months. Every few weeks, every few months, every few years, I feel like I have returned to where I started from.

The good news is that creative recovery is not circular either, it’s spiral. With every cycle I go through, I learn more about myself and my inner artist child, and I become better at protecting and nurturing him.

Creative recovery is a lifelong journey, and I am hoping to develop and deepen these three daily creative practices for life.

I am rebuilding my creative muscle by meditating, journaling, and sketching every morning. I am replenishing my creative spirit by creating space and time for all my passions. I am reclaiming my creative identity by creating and sharing my work every day.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey, and share your own successes and struggles. You can sign up below to receive my updates via email, and follow my updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.