About Gaurav

I am a recovering creative who is re-learning to create a daily writing and sketching practice. During the day, I run a digital publishing business. In mornings and evenings, I work on a book on designing the second half of life.

Currently, I lead business strategy, product innovation, content creation, audience development and monetization for the digital, video and branded content business at Condé Nast India, with 80+ dedicated staff.

In previous lives, I have done senior marketing roles at Tata Group, created a crowdsourced election monitoring platform, started a digital agency that was acquired by MSL/ Publicis Groupe and led digital, insights and innovation for the agency network in Asia.

I have written an award-winning blog, a weekly newspaper column, and several reports and book chapters; edited a quarterly magazine on marketing insights; and co-authored a book on the future of engagement. I have helped build a crowdsourcing software, a social curation software, a social analytics software, and a publishing software.

I have given keynote talks, delivered guest lectures and led workshops across the world; I have been extensively interviewed by newspapers, magazines, and TV networks in India and internationally; I have served on several award juries; and I have received fellowships from Yahoo! and TED, amongst others, for my work.

I have had an interesting life. I have lived and worked in the three most important countries in the world — India, China and United States — and feel equally at home in all three. I have traveled to 20+ countries for work, and another 20+ for pleasure. I have run half-marathons, done 10-day Vipassana silent meditation retreats, and, once, given away everything I owned.

These days, I am thinking and writing about niche publishing, visual thinking and building a learning habit. These days, I am teaching myself how to play the piano, how to sketch using charcoal, and how to speak and write in intermediate-level Mandarin.

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